NPS is well versed with different style standards and strictly adhere to client-specific or author-specific guidelines. NPS prepares a style sheet for every ‘Title’ which is approved by the client before implementation.

  • Copy Editing
  • Language Editing
  • Technical Editing


We offer global access to highly skilled and qualified copyeditors for research, content editing, and formatting, rewriting, and editorial review. We offer language editing, creation of style sheets, editorial proofreading, indexing, and creation of abstracts. We go the extra mile with permissions research and image research.


NPS has worked with several educational titles for leading publishing houses. We manage all your text and images in a proper laid-out structure with page composition and typesetting services. Our team has the relevant experience and the capability of meeting stringent quality standards, important deadlines for journals, magazines, and newspapers. Our suite of typesetting and page composition services involves conversion of raw, unformatted, handwritten manuscripts into consistent, structured, and ready to publish formats.

Our typesetting service includes
  • Page Composition
  • Journal Typesetting
  • Multilingual Typesetting
  • Proofreading
  • Scanning
  • Keyboarding / Data Conversion and OCR
  • Conversion: Quark to In design


An ePub eBook is a digital version of a print book that has been optimized for on-screen reading. EPUB (short for electronic publication) is a free and open e-book standard by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). The text in an ePub eBook is re-flowable, which means that you can change the font, resize the text, or alter the size of your display, and the text will rewrap itself to fit the available viewing area. EPub eBooks also support embedded content, allowing, for instance, a video to be embedded within an eBook.


E-Book Conversions / Enhancements

NPS's content technology experts can help you enhance your production processes more efficiently and affordably create enhanced eBooks to delight your customers. Enhanced eBooks can captivate your readers with unparalleled interactive experiences.

From text books to romance novels, from medical journals to software manuals-we do it all.

Since the advent of eBooks, NPS’s media designers, technologists, and content developers have helped publishers and corporations find innovative ways to create enhanced, interactive content. Our experts take traditionally published content and transform it into exciting enhanced eBook products – converting casual readers into loyal digital customers in the process. Our eBook specialists have in-depth knowledge of the features and functionality supported by the EPUB standard.

Enhanced eBooks include
  • Hidden searchable text
  • Collapsible tables of contents
  • Rich media features including audio, video, and interactivity
  • Internal linking - footnotes/annotations/cross references/indexes
  • External linking - geolocation/directions/associated websites/social media sites
  • MathML
  • Scalable Vector Graphics technologies

We Provide different types of E-Books Such as:
  • Re-flowable eBooks
  • Fixed Layout eBooks
  • Read Aloud eBooks (Text to Speech)
  • Text Pop-up eBooks (Magnification for Kindle Devices)
  • Media Embedded eBooks (Audio/Video embedded)
  • Panel View eBooks (Comic Books with Magnification for Kindle Devices)

eBook conversion is the next evolution in digital publishing. eBooks have revolutionized the publishing industry and has changed the way we read, purchase books, and manage them. The development of eBooks requires technical know-how as well as design and editorial expertise. eBooks need to be designed, and developed with format limitations and device specifications in mind. NPS provides a complete range of eBook-related services such as eBook conversions, typesetting, eBook enhancements, customized eBook development, or consulting. We have expertise in creating eBooks with XML workflows, content conversion and delivery mechanisms for various platforms such as iPad, Kindle, Nook and other Android devices.

Our eBook development services include
  • Conversion of documents to eBook format (ePUB/ePUB3/Mobi/ePDF/PRC)
  • Cover design using supplied artwork, stock images or new Illustrations
  • Editing and optimization of the quality of the images within the eBook
  • eBook layout design and formatting
  • eBook testing, advice and support

We can create an e-Book that is compatible to any of the following display formats
  • IPAD
  • Kindle Devices
  • Kobo
  • Nook
  • Adobe
  • OeB (Open e-Book is a legacy e-book format primarily on SoftBook Press)
  • Rocketbook

We can create e-Books from hard copy (images / Photos and graphics) displays and from any electronic format such as XML, HTML, FM, Quark, Indesign, MS word, etc...

HTML 5 Enhancements

HTML5 is taking off in the publishing world with the growing popularity of the iPad and tablet reading devices. NPS offers services in the HTML5 working standard, which offers the only cross-platform, cross-device solution for eBook apps. To avoid developing multiple versions of each app, and for greater independence from hardware- and software-makers, publishers are increasingly choosing HTML5 rather than the closed native software of specific devices and platforms.

Digital Services

XML Conversion

Our technical department is highly experienced in working with an array of standard applications that include InDesign, 3B2, Latex, Frame Maker, and QuarkXPress, assimilating these within the XML-based production processes. Our team is thoroughly proficient in both XML DTD and Schema to analyze and also obtain DTDs manually. We have the capability to create our own DTDs. Newzel provides a full spectrum of XML services to address the demands for digital formats and online publishing requirements for content repository and multi-device capabilities.

HTML Conversion Services

NPS HTML Conversion Specialist can provide you with accurate HTML conversion services. By converting documents and contents into HTML files, one can easily distribute the content. You can get access to more number of customers by posting the information on the Internet.

Our specialist has knowledge in innovative technologies and we have accomplished HTML conversion executives to convert any unstructured data into well thought-out and structured HTML format. Be it any form of publication, from various sources that are predominantly hard copies or soft copies, our conversion experts can convert them into accurate HTML files.

Web Developing

Under Construction


Our intensive training and learning programs spanning knowledge, attitude skills ensure consistent quality is delivered. Our proactive training ensures new hires are armed with the requisite skills.

We also provide E-Publishing Training for new developing companies.