Newzel Publishing Services is a publishing resource center specializing in a variety of pre-media content services. With well-respected and validated capabilities in editorial space, it has some of the best systems and processes for copy editing, proofreading, Language editing, project management and conversion Services. Its expertise covers most academic and professional content types. Accordingly, it serves publishers of journals, books, and major reference works; organizations; governments; and individuals.

Newzel Publishing Services, incorporated in 2013, has long had a profound image of a scholarly publishing services company. NPS houses its operations in Tamilnadu, India and has its headquarters in Singapore. NPS has been able to deliver copy editing, proofreading, project development and conversion services with excellent consistency and sensitivity. It has provided assistance with quality and schedule restoration where for some reason project progress has been affected adversely.

Why Choose Us?

We deliver quality with affordability. Time is our most primary concern and we work to provide the best result in it. We gather requirements and suggest you with the right advice to make your product complete.


To deliver exceptional results, quality and value to our clients through unparalleled service and break-through technology.


NPS aims to help the world’s best organizations make decisive improvements in their direction and performance by sparking break through business ideas.

We continually strive to generate deep insight into what drives value creation and competitive advantage in our clients’ businesses and the economy as a whole.